New CPL50 cross line laser with plumb beam

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The new CPL50 from Agatec is a cross line laser for all interior applications such as levelling and plumbing features for furniture, finishing, windows and door frames and wall partitions and transferring points from floor to ceiling. It define angles, with cross lines fixed in manual mode, for the creation of slopes between two points. An external package is also available (LS30 laser receiver and clamp) for application in pulse mode.

October launch of the from RL110 Agatec

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Introducing the new RL110 automatic horizontal and vertical rotating laser. Fit for all interior levelling and alignment jobs. For example: installation of dry walls, partitions, set squares, measurement of slopes for stairs and roof, etc. Save time with its rotation, scanning or point modes. Also available as the Agatec RL110G, with green visible beam for under bright light conditions or at long distances inside.

Introducing the DM100 distance meter

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Handy and robust, it measures distance up to 30 meter with ±2 mm accuracy. It features basic functions as distance measuring, automatic volumes and surfaces calculation, and perimeter calculation. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to handle. A big screen shows 2 lines of results.

Agatec launches the MR360R 360° Machine mounted receiver

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Agatec launches a machine control system that works with anything from a mini excavator to a 50 ton! Thanks to three magnetic sensors, placed in various positions on the machine (1 on the dipper stick, 1 on the main boom, 1 on the bucket) you obtain in real time a precise result of all excavations. Furthermore, there’s no connection cable, all the communication is Wi-Fi, which makes for easy installation and transportation of the system. The control box, positioned in the cabin, constantly shows the depth and bucket position. So run excavations or trenches can be run with positive or negative slopes. The operator can work alone, controlling the depth, reach or slope of the dig.